London Welsh is a club with a very special story.

London Welsh, established by and for the Welsh exile community in London was formed in 1885.

Its Welsh name is Clwb Rygbi Cymry Llundain but today the club is a reflection of its wider community and benefits from a mix of players and supporters from many different nationalities, including our English friends and recently a number of South Africans and Pacific Islanders.

We still though keep that very special, passionate, Welsh rugby atmosphere.

There is a always a warm welcome at London Welsh, regardless of where you come from!


The Teams

We are based in London and the professional squad currently play in the Championship and the British and Irish Cup.

Although London Welsh has a successful professional side we are one of the few senior clubs that have retained the close, social atmosphere of an amateur club.

See the "Our Community" page for links to other parts of the club.

The British Lions

As well as providing 56 players for Wales as well as internationals for other nations London Welsh has provided more players for the British Lions than any other club.

Seven players were selected for the 71 New Zealand tour, which is a Lions record.  

Teddy Morgan 1904 Arthur Harding 1904 1908 JF Williams 1908
JP Jones 1908 D M Jones - 1924 T J Davies  1930
Vivian Jenkins  1938 Billy Raybould 1968  John Taylor 1968 1971
Geoff Evans 1971 Mike Roberts 1971 Gerald Davies 1971
Mervyn Davies 1971 John Dawes OBE 1971 JPR Williams 1971 1974
Clive Rees 1974 Alun Lewis 1977 Robert Ackerman 1983

These other former London Welsh players Haydyn Tanner,  R T Gabe, Keith Jarrett, Bryn Meredith, Tom Shanklin and Colin Charvis, have also been Lions.

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